Buy more visibility by combining local searches with global ones

Do you know what your customers find when they search the site of your company through a local research on Google? With this article we will try to help you ensure that your customers find the right way to contact you. Local and global visibility are ...

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The locally based optimization is the key to monetizing the usage of mobile devices

The time that consumers spend on their mobile devices has already surpassed whatthey spend on the web and advertisers are following this trend to monetize this opportunity. The ads are ...

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How to create an effective CRM strategy based on localization

If often happens that companies are too focused on product and production costs, losing sight of what is the primary focus of their business, or customer satisfaction. A company without customers doesn't ...

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5 Basic SEO rules for startups

Speculation on possible changes of SEO strategies throughout the year are innumerable, but despite the SEO is a kind of dynamic industry, it is much more solid than we do believe. There ...

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